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Face it. These days, as charitable as we can be, it's hard to justify just handing money away. Even if it's tax-deductible, in this day and age we've all become a little tighter with our wallets and purses. However, there's a new way to support your favorite charities, all while you get to play a fun variety of casino-style, intellectual, and sports betting games! It's a simple process too, making it easy for you to put money to a good cause while having a great time!

First, users sign up. You'll go ahead and link your Facebook account, giving you the option of inviting friends to play with as well.

Then, you'll add a credit card (receiving free play credits just for doing that, mind you!), choose how many credits to buy, and pick a game! It's that simple. Your donations go toward charity, and your credits allow you to play fun social games.

Even better, the charity you select will provide you with all the information you need to write off your donation. That's right, you get to write off playing games online. So have fun, and good luck!

It's that simple. Your donations go toward charity, and your credits allow you to play fun social games.

Play For My Charity is a new, exciting way to donate to your favorite charities, all while playing fun games with your friends and family!

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With the changing face of commerce in this modern age, charities find it increasingly difficult to actually keep up and remain "relevant" in the eyes of a largely digital customer base. Donations are hard-fought, and a regular, returning flow of income can be even harder to keep.

Play For My Charity addresses that. Welcome to the modern world, and a modern way to solicit donations, all while keeping the process simple, straightforward, and painless from both YOUR perspective, and your potential donors' perspectives.

What's different about us? As a charity, I'm sure you're familiar with the old standard "casino nights" or "game nights." We take that idea and put it on a seamless web interface with multiplayer capabilities, a variety of games, and a rock-solid donation system.

From a charity administrator's perspective, signup is simple. You'd fill out some token information, connect the bank account you want donations flowing toward, and start collecting with near-instant, daily transfers of your donations straight to you.

Players will be able to choose a charity to play for, purchase credits, and fire up one of our exciting games (which range from blackjack and poker all the way to crossword puzzles). Their purchase of credits goes straight towards their charity of choice.

The best part? This is entirely free from a charity's perspective. Play For My Charity maintains our services through a small percentage deducted from each donation, with no fees and no payments necessary.

You'll see numbers increase, as our skilled marketing team drives traffic from all over the web. We even allow players to invite others, and connect through Facebook!

Even better, our powerful reporting tools allow you to track each penny as it flows, and we've included options galore so you can analyze and monitor your success with Play For My Charity.

So bring your charity into the modern age, and let Play For My Charity take you there! There's no downsides, and no costs, so why wouldn't you?

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